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New track up on soundcloud. Getting an album together for release later in the year, here’a a preview of a new track Statues.

Pleased to say that The Scantharies self titled album is released today on Memphis Industries. Its out on CD and download and can be ordered from all quality outlets such as Amazon, iTunes, Rough Trade...

You can listen to the album in full by heading over to

Its been described by Mojo as “A decade in a microcosm, Stardust with Demis Roussos cast in the David Essex Role. Quite Brilliant.”

To celebrate here is 'The Cross', the final track from the album in all its original glory.

The Scantharies - new album

I'm happy to announce a new project I've started called The Scantharies and a debut album release. The album is out on good old Memphis Industries on the 3rd December. To celebrate this fact I'm offering up ‘The Start’ for an immediate free download at The Scantharies website or by clicking the link below.

Musically, the album is inspired by 60s and 70s Greek bands such as The Persons, The Forminx and Aphrodites’ Child, traditional Greek Rebetiko and music of composers like Stavros Xarhakos and instrumental guitar workings of The Ventures.

If anyone is feeling lucky or generous you can preorder the album at Amazon by clicking


In terms of Blue States I’m working on a new album and hopefully I’ll have some more news soon about a release.